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The FSA FC mission is to develop youth players on and off the pitch. FSA FC is committed to providing athletes the opportunity to develop skills essential to positive growth in the sport of soccer and to inspire each player to a lifelong enjoyment of the game. Coaches not only will develop players in the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological components of the game, they will also teach the importance of commitment, good sportsmanship, teamwork, respect for self and others, and an ability to learn from both winning and losing. Our FSA FC coaches partner with parents and players to achieve these goals.


FSA FC strives to be a world class soccer program through the development, progress and growth of our players. Our goal is to create a player centered environment that is made up of the players personalities and characteristics. Where voices are heard, choices are abundant, and the standards of excellence the club embodies are evidenced through shared ownership of players growth and development, helping to shape future leaders of the game, and upstanding citizens of our community.


The beautiful game of soccer and the opportunities for youth development continue to change.  Therefore, we must posses the ability to adapt accordingly and continue to grow with the game.  Creativity, problem solving and individual skill acquisition will always remain as constants in our changing environment so players will learn through game-like experiential learning how to adapt the realities they will face in training and on game day.  FSA FC player development is a series of progressions that lead to a higher level of understanding and application.  Understanding the developmental process and the changing qualities of a players through video analysis, observation and feedback allows us to closely monitor player maturation rates physically, emotionally, socially, academically and athletically helping each player reach the highest level of play he or she strives to achieve.

Technical growth

The individual ability to handle the ball consists of: dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, heading, and goal keeping. A solid technical foundation increases the players’ ability to understand the tactical aspects of the game.

Tactical awareness

A player must understand when to apply the appropriate technique based on the demands placed upon them by their opponents. Tactical awareness is a player's understanding of a system of play or strategy. As a player progresses through age groups, tactical play becomes a major component of our teaching.

Physical ability

Soccer is a demanding physical sport, and each player will need maintain a level of fitness that will allow for individual growth and development.  A majority of this fitness training takes place in the actual training exercises. Physical fitness is an important component in the game of soccer necessary for a player to effectively train and compete at the highest level.

Psychosocial developmental

Psychosocial development through a guided discovery and Q&A approach will focus on the individual player and his/her roles within in the team. Providing players with a voice allows for the development of the player's personality, and the acquisition of social, emotional, and behavioral skills.  FSA FC encourages a holistic approach with positive reinforcement to allow players to achieve his/her personal goals.

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