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Girls Programs

FSA FC is a proud member of the ECNL.  The Elite Clubs National League was founded by daring to do things differently. The league and its history are embedded with grit, collaboration and tenacity; all things learned from the beautiful game. 

FSA FC is dedicated to player development.  Our teams at every level are organized and our system of play is based upon the individual and collective quality of our players.  Coaches work to find the perfect balance between having clearly recognizable systems and strategies; and allowing players the freedom to take individual initiative and display creativity.

Players at FSA FC are fortunate to have access to state-of-the-art facilities including outdoor turf and grass fields, 4 brand new indoor turf fields, spacious meeting room, gym, locker rooms and access to live stream and recorded games.  Our players train and play consistently throughout the season offering the opportunity to develop, progress and play at the highest level.



FSA FC strives to be a world class soccer program through the development, progress and growth of our players. Our goal is to create a player centered environment that is made up of the players personalities and characteristics. Where voices are heard, choices are abundant, and the standards of excellence the club embodies are evidenced through shared ownership of players growth and development, helping to shape future leaders of the game, and upstanding citizens of our community.


  • Teamwork: The social cohesion of a group of people, unified to reach a common goal through harmony, accord, cooperation, collaboration, and solidarity. “The FSA FC Way.”
  • Respect: For self, teammates, coaches, opponents and officials. Respect for the FSA FC Logo and what it represents. Listen to understand, not to respond. Encourage, be kind, be helpful to others.  Respect yourself. Celebrate individual and team success on and off the field.
  • Dedication: To Self. To Team, Club and Community. Punctual and Positive. Upholding standards and expectations.
  • Integrity: Having the quality of strong ethical or moral principles and following them even when nobody is watching. Honesty, honor, truthfulness. humility, empathy, accountability, reliability, and kindness are core values of our players and staff.
  • Passion: Pushes and pulls us towards activities we love, find important, and in which we invest time and energy on a regular basis. Activation, persistence, and motivation that lead to fun, meaningful and constructive conclusions.

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